Water Dosing


Water dosing is carried out automatically, prevents cold shocks and is more hygienic read more

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  • Model with remote button and/or with aroma injection
  • Settable remote lock time. During this period the button inside the sauna cannot be used to prevent water from overdosing. The color of the button turns red when the lock time is active.
  • An internal flow switch, in combination with software, prevents that aroma liquid will be dosed without water flow. Aroma injection is put on hold till the water supply has been restored.
  • The temperature sensor (max 110° C) is mounted behind the sauna oven with a high temperature (max 200° C) adhesive tape. Water dosing starts automatically as soon the sensor exceeds 45 ° C.
  • White indication LEDs shows the current device status:
    • Temperature Too Low To Start
    • Dosing Active
    • Pause Active
    • Lock Time Active
    • Aroma Injection Active
  • The device is powered by a TÜV certified plug-in power transformer. It is advised to connect the device to the sauna light output.
  •  Internal working voltage is 12 Volt DC.
  • Water connection is directly installed on the device by an ½ inch outside thread or an ¼ inch inside thread.

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    Settable water quantity


    Settable pause time


    Button manual dosing


    Remote button activation

    Remote button lock time

    Included remote buttons

    Max remote buttons per device

    Remote button cable length

    Max extendable cable length

    Settable aroma intensity


    Indication LEDs


    Dosing starting at temp


    Temperature Sensor cable length


    Max extendable total length


    Dimensions LxWxD

    15×12.5×6.3 (cm), 18x18x7.5 (buttons & fittings incl.)