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Independent and Automatic Aroma Air Dosing for private, medium and large public steam rooms. read more

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  • Independent and Automatic Aroma Air Dosing for small and large rooms
    • Max. 5 x 5 x 3 meters / 75m³
  • Suitable location of use:
    • Closed locations (sauna and steam rooms)
    • Semi open locations (change rooms)
  • Starts automatically on power
  • Low working noise
  • Without a spray nozzle and therefore no risk of blockage
  • Working principle:
    • A integrated mini pump doses aroma fluids from the bottle into a mix chamber. Inside the mix chamber aroma and air are mixed. On top of the device a tube is connected to distribute the mixed air towards the location of use. Only when aroma fluid level inside the mix chamber is low new aroma liquids will be pumped in. As a result the intensity of the output is very constant. The AromAero will stop automatically when the bottle is empty.

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    Additional information

    Settable intensity


    Settable pause time


    Button for manual intake


    Indication LEDs

    Dosing Active, Pause Active, Pump Intake, Level OK, Refill Bottle

    Air in Liter per minute


    Recommended for

    Closed and Semi open locations

    Distribution tubing

    6/4mm tube LDPE/HDPE/PU

    Dosing starting

    On power

    Dimensions LxWxD

    20x18x10 (cm)

    Dimensions with bottle

    35x18x10 (cm)